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Fullmetal Alchemist


“I’m not short, I just live in a big world!” ―Edward Elric

Just WOW. What a top-notch series this is, and I’m not exaggerating in the least bit. Even manga and anime haters would rave over this as I can confidently say that FMA:Brotherhood is the best anime ever made, like, ever. The beauty of it all comes from the fact that it is so well-paced, and it actually gets to the point while still digging deep emotionally AND intellectually. I can’t praise this series enough.



“How you grow up is up to you.” Jiraiya

Funny and uplifting, Naruto may seem gimmicky upon first glance, but at the core are really strong lessons about never giving up. And it resonates with me time and time again because there’s nothing shallow or half-assed about the characters. I genuinely cherished my experience of reading all 700 chapters of the manga growing up, and although I can’t say the same for the anime (which is just so-so), the anime has some kick-ass opening and endings.

Terror in Resonance

“Music from a cold land” Nine

A highly moody 12-episode series, this anime has a distinct atmosphere about it that really makes me unable to criticize its plot holes. The glimmering moments of sagacity are really beautiful, and the soundtrack makes it all the more touching. No really, the music of this anime is PHENOMENAL. Especially during the Ferris wheel scene in episode 9, which plays “Von,” meaning “hope” in Icelandic.

Strobe Edge

strobe edge.jpg

“You’ve always thought that I’d spread my wings and fly off somewhere without you one day, but just who was the one who had wings?” ―Ren

Although I’m not a fan of the shoujo genre (too fluffy for my taste), this is one really sweet and heartwarming manga that focuses on friendship and growing up. Sure, it’s ultimately geared towards romance, but it’s a lot more sage-like and mature than your typical shoujo manga, and the artwork is stunning.

The Breaker


Another quality manga that’s rather underrated in my opinion. The art is initially just alright, but it gets sooo freakinngggg goooood–and I mean fast. The story is well thought-out, the character growth is SO very realistic, and it’s probably one of my favorite mangas of all time. Check it out!



Crying is the same thing as pouring all your frustrations and regrets out of your body. You may use it as a weapon, but that’s just too easy. Whenever you feel like crying, just smile instead. That’s what it means to be a man. You understand? Oga Tatsumi

I think I died laughing reading this manga. Beelzebub has got this very Gintama sort of silliness to it at times, but it still manages to keep it grounded on a more serious note. I highly recommend reading this if you’re up for a gut-busting adventure. And the baby is SO CUUUTE!!!!! I nearly went on a cannibalistic rampage.

Immortal Rain


“If only this were a dream. If only I could open my eyes…then I could return to the flower patch. If I only could wake up.” —Rain

AMAZING. This manga is drawn in a classically dated sort of way, but it’s still very beautiful. If you have the patience to read it, your mind will be blown by the end. The friendships, romance, drama, action…literally, everything is there. And I read the prequel Touhou Shinigami (which is equally as good) and I just BAWLED. I so highly recommend this manga.



“If we are to die one day, wouldn’t it be better to have no regrets?” Ciel Phantomhive

Who doesn’t love a good demon butler? I love how haunting and creepy this series can get, yet still maintain that commercial appeal. Another really great manga that fluctuates between serious and humor so very smoothly, this is an overall amazingly balanced creation. Really really entertaining–I don’t think it’s possible to NOT like it.



“Birds of a feather flock together. If you think there’s only stupid and worthless people around you, you just might be one of them.” ―Yuuko,

I personally think CLAMP has the most gorgeous art of all the mangakas, and this one is no exception. A really beautiful and exotic story, XXXholic is funny, mind-boggling, moving, sad, and most definitely mysterious at times. That eclectic jumble is just its appeal, and if you wade through all the mysteries of this manga, I think that anyone would fall in love with its charm. The ending though…wow (in a good way).



“I’ll say it again, but I’m sure all of humanity hates you.”


Cat Street


Aishiteruze Baby


The One



“Mr. Magician, if you’re a real magician, would you free me from this cursed asphalt? Once I break free….do you think I could wander in the field of flowers too?”


“Humans, traces, troubles…They’re so close to each other, yet they don’t understand one another.” –Virus


Welcome To Room 105

“Isn’t is strange, the way humans work? Who will stay, who will leave, or who will change, you never know. So how can you so easily judge a person? For your sake, don’t distance yourself from others, but live on in the hopes of meeting someone really special in your life tomorrow.” ― Yoona

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